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We provide technological solutions to businesses, organizations, churches and schools by developing statistics analytical softwares, Accounting & budgeting softwares, member /staff management softwares. We develop cloud based software solutions so that all authorized members of your team can access it at any time, from a computer or a smartphone. This is so important for staying efficient and assurance of data safety..

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We at Gweths ventures have developed a program dubbed “BEND” this is a Mentorship Program that plays a vital role in the life of a teenager. BEND program will instil a Godly character , develop talents , brake bad habits and impact a lifestyle that will change not only their lives but will strengthen the relationship with parents/guardians and teachers. The BEND program is inspired by the word of God in 2Samuel 22:34 “He trains my hands for war so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze” and a Swahili saying “Samaki Mkuje angali mbichi” (a fish is folded while still fresh) for the arms to be strong enough to withhold the powerful tension of the bronze bow the hands had to undergo training. The BEND program aims at establishing four key areas a teenager faces and finding ways and means of addressing them like establishing what is:

  • PROBLEM: What are the key problems they are facing?
  • INTERACTION: How can we best interact with them?
  • MOTIVATION: What motivates them? What are they interested in?
  • POTENTIAL:How could they contribute to solving the problems identified?,
Teenagers are bombarded with all kinds of information and affiliations and it’s important that they are trained well enough. And BEND is the right program for them for it will bring the required transformation for them to transition into Young responsible adults The acronym “BEND’ stands for Befriend - Educate - Nurture - Disciple. Which are the core values of his program..
  • BEFRIEND- Teenagers (mentees) can be a difficult group to understand especially if you don’t speak their language or know their interests. That’s why the BEND program has various activities such as overnight bonfires, Hikes, Sports, Camping and Open forum sessions just to initiate bonding and trust.,
  • EDUCATE – Mentees are taught on all there is to know about Sexuality, Addiction, Dress code, Music, Peer Pressure and how to overcome Low self-esteem. And develop strong Communication skills.
  • NURTURE – Mentees who are now mentees can be groomed and taught life skills, budgeting and instil a culture of saving which will develop their character and Identity through behavioral development which finally culminates in self-awareness and self-discovery.
  • DISCIPLESHIP – mentees are equipped with the word of God to be foundation in their lives as they are introduced to develop a personal relationship with god. Through bible studies and teaching of biblical truths.

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